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Top 10 Oldest Cities in America, Check Your City

Norfolk, VA or folk is located on the Chesapeake Bay In the 1600s, the 50 acres of land that became the town of Norfolk

Philadelphia, PA The City of Brotherly Love wasn't founded until 1681; the Lenape had lived in the area since 8000 B.C.

South Orange, NJ South Orange in the late 1600s, marking the beginning of this New Jersey town.

Waterbury, CT Waterbury was originally known as Mattatuck—from the Algonquin word for "place without trees"—but was renamed in 1686

Worcester, MA The town now known as Worcester was abandoned during King Philip's War and not settled permanently again until 1713.

Charleston, SC Initially called Charles Towne and named after Charles II, this hub of Southern culture was founded by English colonists in 1670.

Sault Ste. Marie, MI Long before European settlers arrived in the area, Native Americans gathered at what would eventually become Sault Ste.

Newark, NJ Newark was originally founded by Puritans looking to create their own theocracy, but it quickly morphed into an industrial city.

Rye, NY In 1660, three residents signed an agreement with the local Siwanoy tribe to purchase the land that would eventually be called Rye—though.

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