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2 Best Stocks to Buy in 2024: Up to 68% Return in Just 2 Months

The Nasdaq-100 Technology Sector index delivered an outstanding performance in 2023, with an impressive gain of 68%.

The good news is that the Nasdaq-100 seems set to soar higher in 2024, thanks to potential interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve.

This is why now would be a good time for investors to buy some of the Nasdaq-100 top-performing stocks before they head higher in the New Year.

The e-commerce and cloud computing behemoth, has been rewarded on the market for the impressive growth it has delivered in recent quarters.


There is a good chance that Amazon will deliver stronger growth as e-commerce spending increases and cloud-based AI services become more popular.


Nvidia's flagship H100 AI graphics card is priced between $25k and $40k  and reportedly costs around $3,300 to manufacture, according to investment banking firm


Don't be surprised to see Nvidia clocking stronger growth as a result of a significant increase in AI chip production, which could help its shares deliver eye-popping gains in 2024.


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