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Will attend Ram temple event, says Nithyananda  Check details

A self-proclaimed spiritual leader and wanted fugitive in a rape case has announced that he has received an invitation to the grand inauguration of the Ram Temple

In a post on X, Nithyananda, who calls himself the "Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism" in his self-proclaimed nation of 'Kailasa,' urged followers not to miss the historic event.

He stated that the formal invocation of Lord Rama would take place during Prana Pratishtha, and that Rama's divine presence would spread to bless  entire world

The post stated that he has been officially invited and will be present at this significant occasion, which read, "Having been formally invited, the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism

Nithyananda faced a rape case filed in 2010, initiated by his driver's complaint, which resulted in his arrest. Subsequently, he was released on bail. In 2020.

Here are 10 things that must be known about Ram mandir inauguration Ceremony:

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