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Why Einstein Did Not Like Oppenheimer In Real Life Check details

Oppenheimer portrays an important bond between the titular scientist and Albert Einstein — but their real-life connection was far more complicated

The scientist and his relationships, but the film's portrayal of his connection to Albert Einstein isn't true to the facts, as Einstein did not like Oppenheimer in real life

In movie, the bond between Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein serves as the impetus for Oppenheimer's eventual fall from public grace.

However, the two had a much different relationship in real life and would never have had the discussion seen in the film.

In the movie, dramatizes their connection, using this modified bond to make the culturally recognizable Einstein one of Oppenheimer important characters.

hared scenes between Oppenheimer and Einstein, but in reality, the pair did not get along during the period portrayed in Oppenheimer.

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