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Attack on Mona Lisa: Protesters throw soup at da Vinci painting

Protesters have thrown soup at the glass-protected Mona Lisa painting in France, calling for the right to "healthy and sustainable food".

The 16th Century painting by Leonardo da Vinci is one of the world's most famous artworks, and is held at the Louvre in central Paris.

Video shows two female protesters wearing T-shirts that read "food counterattack" throwing the liquid.

They then stand in front of the painting, says What is more important? Art or healthy and sustainable food?

Museum security are then seen putting black screens in front of them before the room is evacuated. A group called claimed responsibility for the stunt.

Rachida Dati, France's Minister for Culture, said "no cause" can justify the Mona Lisa being targeted.

In 2019, the museum said it had installed a more transparent form of bulletproof glass to protect it.

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